This blog is hosted by InRule Technology and is written by InRulians and friends of InRule.

InRule Technology provides software and services that enable subject matter experts to express their intent and configure the behavior of applications without programming effort and risk. We make decision logic, rules and calculations transparent and easy to change, allowing domain experts to own them and giving IT the ability to deploy the supporting technology.  InRule Technology delivers InRule, the Premier Business Rule Management Solution for the Microsoft Platform.

Based in Chicago, IL, InRule Technology was founded by Chief Operating Officer Rik Chomko and Chief Technology Officer Loren Goodman with a vision for empowering subject matter experts to express and manage decision logic, rules, and calculations without code. Since 2002, InRule has been deployed by hundreds of organizations in the commercial and public sectors in 20 countries. Numerous partners and OEM clients  have integrated InRule into their technology solutions, from mortgage software to association management products to medical devices.

“We realized this ‘power to the people’ approach had a ton of potential. In July 2002, we started InRule Technology and set out to create a product that captured user intent and translated that intent into application behavior – all without coding effort. InRule became that product.”       

~Co-founders Rik Chomko and Loren Goodman

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